When was the last time your commercial HVAC system was serviced?

It is often said that home is where the heart is. If this is true, then your workplace is the vascular system. You go to work to provide stability to your life and to bring home the funds you need to have the home you want. It is like the veins and arteries that push the blood towards and away from your heart. Without your workplace, how will you be able to care for your home?

As much as we all like to think about long days on the sofa without a care in the world, chances are you spend more time stuck at your job than you do lazily laying around your home. It’s just a harsh truth of life for most people. This is just another reason to think about the quality of your workplace, what measures you can do to make it a more positive and healthy environment for all. This is why All Weather Contractors installs, provides service and offers maintenance for commercial HVAC systems, as well as residential ones.

Commercial HVAC systems experience even more wear and tear than their residential counterparts, which is largely do to the size of the business and the increased amount of people who are relying on air conditioning. You know how it works—the more people in the room, the hotter the air gets. Even for moderately small businesses, the AC will need to work a lot harder than it does for just you and your family. This can be taxing on the HVAC system and could result in damage if you are not careful.

The air ducts in your commercial property are exposed to the same standard allergens as the one in your home, but at an amplified rate as your coworkers bring in their own collection of debris and toxins. Having the ductwork cleaned at a commercial property is a necessary to maintaining fresh air and an environment conducive to easy breathing.

When was the last time the ductwork was cleaned at your office or place of business? If you can’t answer this question, then we have another one for you: how important is the health of your employees? Without cleaning the ductwork and vents regularly, you are putting your employees at risk of breathing in allergens, toxins, mold and possibly mildew. For this reason, having your ductwork cleaned regularly could mean a more productive and positive work environment.

Don’t wait until the air at your workplace is unbearable. A professional from All Weather Contractors can survey the ductwork in your workplace and established an annual maintenance plan that will keep you and your employees breathing clean air.