What’s so Important About Air Flow?

Air-FlowNo one likes a stuffy room, but nevertheless many people overlook the importance of airflow in their homes. Air flow does a lot more for your home than make it easier to breathe. By ensuring that the air in your home is constantly on the move you can reduce your risk of illness, fight off allergens from building up in your home and maintain a fresher and more inviting space.

Why bother with Air Flow?

We rely on a steady flow of air to help us live comfortably. When you walk into a room that is closed off, you will likely begin to feel pressure in your chest and have difficulty breathing. Smells start to form as the air grows thick and pungent.  Air flow alleviates these discomforts.

The best way to have air moving in your home is by taking advantage of windows and doors. Look for sources of fresh air that are across the room from one another. Opening two or more of these orifices provides cross circulation, which enhances air flow in the room. Other ways to improve the air quality in your home is to take full advantage of ceiling fans, paddle fans and of course, your home’s HVAC system.

Air Flow and HVAC

It is often easy to overlook the littlest things in life. When you are thinking of ways that you can freshen up your home and save money on your monthly bills, opening a window might not come directly to mind. Yet, simply improving the airflow in your home can help create a more enjoyable atmosphere and reduce the workload on your home’s HVAC system.

Your HVAC has a big job. The air conditioner in your home is responsible for moving air from one room to another, while working to ensure that the air remains cold. The warmer the room, the more the AC needs to work to bring the overall temperature of the space you are trying to cool. When the air in a room is sitting still, it requires more effort on the part of the air conditioning unit to move the air about the room. Simply opening a window or a door will assist your HVAC system by providing a natural breeze that can flow throughout the room.  Easier air flow and reduced pressure on the HVAC system, which can translate into smaller electricity bills and fewer maintenance costs on your HVAC system and wallet.

If you feel that you have an airflow problem with your home give the professionals at All Weather Contractors a call. Our factory trained professionals will come out provide an assessment of the home and let you know what your options are to make your home cooler and provide the desired air flow to keep your home comfortable.