What does a heat pump do in an HVAC system and why is it important?

what-is-a-heat-pumpThere are many different kinds of HVAC systems. Most homes in northern Florida use a heat pump system to heat and cool. The responsibility of the heat pump is to transfer heat from a fluid at a controlled temperature to another fluid at a higher temperature. In doing this, the heat pump helps moderate the temperature of your home by ensuring that heat is transferred appropriately to control the temperature of any given space during the summer and winter months.

A heat pump is a central component of the heating and cooling system. The heat pump is responsible for taking the outside air and moving it so that the air temperature can be managed to the appropriate temperature. Don’t let the name heat pump fool you. The heat pump is actually an essential component of the HVAC system for both heating and cooling needs. While many people attribute the heat pump to the heating system, and thereby assume that it isn’t overly important in Florida, having a broken heat pump is actually trouble with your HVAC system.

Why is a heat pump important?

The heat pump manages the temperature of any indoor space making it less expensive and less complicated. That is because the heat pump makes it possible to use existing heat and to move it from one place to another. This is much more efficient than actually generating heat on its own, which means lower energy costs—something that can make a big financial difference over time.

How it Works

The heat pump consists of two separate parts. First, there is the air handler. This component of the heat pump is actually located inside of the home. It is where air from the house goes into the HVAC system. Then, outside of the home there is a small unit inside the condenser that is called the heat pump. This is where a compressor circulates the refrigerant, absorbing and releasing heat as needed as air travels between the indoor and outdoor units.

The heat pump works by transferring air from one part to the other, and in the process manipulating the temperature of the air that is being handled. This allows the HVAC system to cool down the existing air temperature, thereby allowing the AC system to work.

The heat pump is not something that you should tinker with on your own. Make sure that your heat pump is in tip-top shape year round by getting it inspected by a local professional. For more information about heat pump repair and maintenance, contact All Weather Contractors.