Tips to Make your Home More Comfortable

home1It doesn’t take long for you to learn that North Florida winters can be rather intense. Especially when North Florida is compared with the rest of the state. While winter often begins rather mildly with only a few light and rather enjoyable cold fronts in November and December, it’s January through March that really puts the chill factor to the First Coast.

Combine these freezing temperatures with the Floridian attitude of no coat needed and you are likely to find yourself rather chilly and uncomfortable. While turning to your heat during these cold snaps is a great way to warm your home to the right temperature, there are alternatives to help keep you warm without having the heat above 68º. According to the Consumer Energy Center, “For every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range, you’ll save up to 5 percent on heating costs.”

There are ways to keep you warm allowing you to stay nice and comfortable all winter long. Here are a few simple tips:

• Change your sitting habits based on where rooms are located in your house. A room with an east-facing window is going to be warmer in the morning than a room with a west-facing window. Adjusting your habits to stay in parts of the house that are naturally warmer at different parts of the day can make a minor but noticeable change in your comfort level. Many homes have rooms that stay up to 5 degrees warmer than others. If this is your house, then that is the perfect place to spend some additional sitting time during the winter season.

• Another way to use the windows in your home to your advantage is to control how much heat is able to come in through the window. Consider the cost savings in switching to energy-efficient windows. These are thicker and will prevent hot air from escaping causing the temperature in the air in your home to drop. The thickness will be beneficial in the summer as well by keeping the cold inside. Even if you have the more sustainable windows, consider thicker blinds or curtains. Thick window coverings will help keep the warm air in your home, which can naturally keep your house more comfortable this time of year.

• Space heaters and blankets are a great place to start if you plan to be in one room or space. Another alternative is to shower with the door open. This will let warm and steamy air travel throughout your home.

Staying warm is an art. There are endless creative ways to stay warm and keep your home nice and cozy while keeping your budget in check.

Even if you keep your heating system at 68º, you could still be wasting energy and, ultimately, losing money. Make sure your heating system is operating to it’s full potential with an annual maintenance checkup. Annual maintenance helps to ensure your heating system will be more reliable, run more efficiently, last longer and remain covered under the factory warranty. Give the professionals at All Weather Contractors a call to schedule your heating maintenance today!