Tips for Staying Warm this Winter

stay-warmDon’t let the all-time record highs on Christmas and the 80 degrees on New Year’s Day fool you. Winter is coming. It always does, and it always will. In North Florida, we are graced by not having to deal with unpleasant cold fronts from November all the way to March, but that doesn’t mean that the weather doesn’t take its toll on the First Coast when it gets the chance weight loss tablets that work. You can bet your mittens that you’ll need to warm those fingers by the time January and February are done with us.

This actually creates a bit of a dilemma for the average North Florida resident: how do I stay warm for those couple of cold weeks, when I don’t need to worry about heating for the rest of the year? Investing in warm jackets and extra heaters doesn’t feel necessary financially, but when the cold front comes in and drops below freezing, you’ll need to figure out something.

Here are a few strategies for staying warm when the cold fronts do come our way:

  • Have your HVAC system inspected early on in the winter months. If you have central AC, then you probably have heat, as well. The problem is that so many Floridian’s don’t run their heat throughout the rest of the year, and so when it comes time that you need to put it on, it doesn’t work. Getting your HVAC serviced will prevent this issue. Contact All Weather Contractors for more information.
  • Look into a small space heater that can work in your home or office. If you are just worried about yourself, and don’t have a reason to heat up your entire household, a small space heater might do the trick. Just put it next to you and turn it on when the temperature drops and you can stay warm without wasting the energy costs of heating your entire home.
  • In addition to keeping yourself warm this winter, make sure that you take your plants into consideration. Even if you just have a couple of nice shrubs to grace your front yard, the sudden drop in temperature can mean major damage to your landscaping. Go ahead and put a blanket over your plants when the temperature is expected to drop. This is especially important if a hard freeze is expected.

Lastly, make sure that you protect the pipes in your home. Running your dishwasher or washing machine at night can do this for you by keeping warm water running through them at the coldest part of the night.

For more tips on staying warm this winter, and protecting your home from the sudden cold temperatures that often mark North Florida, contact All Weather Contractors.