Tips and Strategies to Reduce your Water Heating Bill

tipsThe water bill has a way of running high despite the time of year. While lots of wet weather might mean a reduced need for irrigation, a warm shower is a necessity despite the temperature outside. So while so many heating bills go up during the winter months, the water heating bill has a way of staying high from January all the way to December.

There are plenty of ways to manage your water heating costs. In North Florida, solar water heaters and tankless water heaters are often in high demand as a way of reducing the electric costs of using hot water in your home. However, going with brand new, energy-efficient appliances isn’t always the first step that you have to take to bring down your water bill. Water costs amount for about 12% of your home energy costs, but sometimes making changes to simple behaviors can alleviate the burden of your energy bill.

Here are some strategies for reducing your home water heating costs:

  • Make it a point across the family to reduce how long people spend in the shower. For the most part, a shower only needs to be 5 minutes long for anyone to take care of the necessities. The extra 25 minutes are often used sitting in a shower that empties the hot water tank.
  • Aside from cutting down on needless shower time, reducing the number of hot baths will do a lot for your home water heating bill. A bath requires a lot of hot water up front. A short shower can do the trick at a lot less of an expense.
  • Check your home for any leaks and ensure that your piping is not blocked or damaged. Contact a professional at All Weather Contractors to ensure that your home’s hot water lines are in peak condition before wasting any more water.
  • Trade out your standard shower head and faucets for low-water efficiency items. These help reduce water use by limiting water pressure and giving you the chance to take a longer shower without wasting all the water. These simple faucets and shower heads can be purchased at almost any hardware store, and while some are easy to install, others may require professional assistance.

Reducing your hot water bill comes down to making smart choices with your water use. For more strategies on saving money on your energy bill, and to have your home inspected for potential leaks or other concerns, contact All Weather Contractors.