Things You Might Not Know about the HVAC Industry in Florida

HVAC-Industry-in-FloridaIt is summer in Florida, and so that means one thing: AC is essential. A lot of people don’t like to think too much about their HVAC system; it isn’t the most exciting topic of conversation. That is until your AC isn’t working and it is over 90 outside. Suddenly, your HVAC system will occupy a lot more of your time.

HVACs are pretty much mandatory in Florida. They make our sunshine state habitable. And it was actually in Florida that the air conditioning unit and the concept of the contemporary HVAC system were born.

In the heart of Riverside in historic Jacksonville there is an old junior high school-turned-luxury condominium complex called The John Gorrie. The building gets its name from the doctor John Gorrie, who in 1842 invented the air conditioning unit. It was a simple model—a machine that created ice and used the chilled container to force cool air onto his patients. The Jacksonville resident secured the patent to create the home-cooling system in 1851.  Since that time, specialist providers like Carrier have really taken the AC system to the next level, creating a quality product that is designed to keep your entire household comfortable.

The HVAC industry has defined Florida and made it a place where people can be comfortable enough to live. It is mandatory in Florida for your home to be connected to the county electrical grid, and the reason for this is because homes will quickly become overrun with mold, insects and other harmful contaminants carrierif they aren’t heat controlled.

Air conditioning is a huge deal throughout most of the United States—it isn’t just Florida. In fact, the amount of energy used to keep our homes cool in the US is equal to the total amount of energy used in the entire continent of Africa. Our AC usage equals their power usage. And as essential as AC is throughout the US and the rest of the world, it really doesn’t show as profound of a difference as it has had in the American South, where 60% of all economic growth in the past 50 years has taken place—largely in part to the ease of access to home cooling systems.

So the next time you turn your AC down a few degrees to really escape the outside heat, you might want to appreciate the significance of that simple action and how much it has shaped your own ability to live and work in the south as we do.  And if your personal home HVAC is showing itself to be a bit too historic for its own good, then contact All Weather Contractors to have a professional consultation on updating your device.