The 3 R’s of Saving Money at Home

savingsReduce, reuse and recycle. Together, these terms make up the three R’s—the three terms that tell us the fundamentals of living a green and earth-friendly lifestyle. What many people don’t realize is that these three R’s can do a whole lot more than help us to feel good about how we are treating our planet. Reducing the amount of waste that you use, reusing items in creative ways and recycling what you don’t need any more can lead to a budget friendly lifestyle, too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

How much waste do you go through in your home? Spend a day really thinking about what you are throwing away. Between the food, the plastic bags and the random bits of paper from around the house, you might be surprised at the price tag that your trash can is holding by the time you are ready for bed. Learning ways to reduce waste and reuse household items can lead to a pretty boost in your budget.  All it takes to get started are a few creative ideas and a different way of thinking.

Taking an item originally used for one purpose and reusing it for something new is often called upcycling. It is a crafty trend at the moment, and more than that it is a way to find extra money in your budget day after day.

Cutting down on waste is as simple as thinking outside of the trash-box. Here are a few ideas to help you get started by reusing items that are already sitting around your house:

  • Stop using plastic sandwich bags everyday to pack lunches. Switch instead to a reusable plastic or fabric container.
  • Start drinking out of a reusable water bottle instead of buying packs of bottled water at the store.
  • Use the plastic bags you get your groceries in to clean the litter box or to pick up your dog’s business outside.
  • Put your lemon rinds and left-over citrus down the garbage disposal to keep your sink smelling clean. You can also boil water with lemon and cinnamon to create a natural air-freshener in your home.
  • Switch to fabric napkins instead of paper ones to cut down on waste at dinner time.
  • Don’t just re-heat leftovers, re-cook them by transforming your original meal into something new on day two.

Making simple changes like these can drastically cut down on the amount of waste that you produce in your home, and this can mean a greener and more budget friendly household.  Have a good look at your waste practices. If you aren’t being careful, then you could be throwing money away!  For more tips on how you can save money, contact All Weather Contractors to help you get your home energy efficient and budget-friendly.