Surprisingly easy things you can be doing to extend the life of your HVAC units

hvacHow often do you think about the health of your HVAC unit? If you are like most homeowners, the answer is not nearly enough. This is because when your HVAC system is working, there is really no reason to stop and think about it too much. As long as the AC is pumping cool air and the heat goes on without an issue there is no reason to stop and think about your HVAC system as something that needs tending. But this is far from the truth. In reality, your HVAC system is something that requires regular maintenance and attention. This is why All Weather Contractors is here, to help you with this process of tending to your HVAC so that your home stays comfortable and meets your needs.

Of course, there are steps you can take to avoid having to pay large sums for HVAC repair year after year. Just a small series of actions that you can easily take on your own in your free time will help prevent larger issues from developing within your HVAC system.

Here is a quick run-down of what you can do to keep your HVAC unit going as long as possible:

• Change out your HVAC filters regularly. The longest you should ever go between replacement filters is 90 days, though many experts agree that is way too long to rely on a single filter. It is recommended that you should replace your filter once every 45 to 60 days.

• Protect your HVAC unit from the sun by planting small trees or shrubs between the unit and the line of sun. This is a good idea because it reduces the stress the HVAC unit is placed under, especially during the hotter times of the year.

• Clean out the HVAC system on a regular basis. If you are unsure how to do this, it is better not to attempt it. Instead, contact All Weather Contractors to have an HVAC expert assist you with this process. Make sure the HVAC unit is unplugged before you begin cleaning!

• Use a programmable thermostat to reduce how often your HVAC system has to work at maximum capacity. Using a programmable thermostat means that you decide when you want the HVAC to work hardest, like when you are home in the evening, and when it can take it easy, like in the middle of the day when no-one is home.
Taking any of these steps helps to alleviate the amount of pressure that your HVAC system is under, and this can help your HVAC system function optimally for a longer period of time.

The number one cause of heating and air conditioning system failure is the lack of routine manufacturer-recommended maintenance. All Weather Contractors offers two levels of preventative maintenance plans for homeowners. The gold preventative maintenance plan is recommended for homeowners who use their systems year-round while the silver is recommended for those who may use their HVAC system only during the days of extreme heat or cold temperatures. For more information about caring for your HVAC system or details about our preventative maintenance plans, contact All Weather Contractors.