Military Appreciation Month; What it means to All Weather Contractors

AWCMilitaryPhotoYou might know that May is Military Appreciation Month, but if you live in a military town, like we do, you know that this is a really big deal. Jacksonville is the largest city in the US and holds a large military presence with several military bases in the area. It goes without saying that this is a core thread of our community’s fiber. Every branch of the US armed forces is represented in our town. This means through the course of our day we regularly come face to face with soldiers, which to us are local heroes.

Having the ability to provide a valuable service to the men and women who dedicate their lives to defending our freedom and opportunity is a huge deal to us. It is something we take very seriously. Military members and their families have a special place in our hearts, and we are taking initiative to show that appreciation in simple ways that we hope convey just how much we appreciate them. Weather Contractors have taken a stand to salute our hometown heroes by demonstrating our patriotism and gratitude by wearing red each Friday in May. In addition, we are proudly displaying an American flag on every one of our service vehicles. We hope with these small visual tokens of appreciation in our daily appearance it will encourage others to show their support, as well. Together, we can create a community of awareness and evoke gratitude in honor of those who have served on our behalf.

Through the month of May, we’d like to make an additional offer to our service men and women. If you are a military member or family, we’d like to give you a $250 discount off any new complete system installation. analysis of a website For more information, or to set up a consultation with a professional, contact All Weather Contractors today. Don’t forget to mention that this article for your discount.