Keeping a Happy and Healthy Home

healthy-homeThere is an old saying that your home is an extension of yourself. Often times this is a pretty accurate statement. We decorate our homes as a reflection of our personalities and design our homes to accommodate our one individual sense style. Well, Have you ever thought about what your home says when it comes to staying healthy? Did you know that the way you keep your home could have a pretty big impact on how you feel? Well it could and by neglecting certain parts of your home or overlooking common places where germs can fester can result in unnecessary exposure to the causes of illness.

If you aren’t careful, the germs you catch outside can be brought into your home and make you sick.

Here are 10 tips to keep your home healthy this winter:

1. Take your shoes off at the door. Leaving the moisture and dirt at the door minimizes the contamination it can bring to the rest of your house. This healthy habit can help reduce airborne contaminants significantly.

2. Make vacuuming a regular thing. Try to vacuum every couple of days to remove dirt, dust and other fine particles from the carpets. Doing this can help clear the air in your home, too. Vacuuming once a week can reduce airborne pollutants by more than 40%.

3. Run HEPA Air Cleaners. A lot of keeping your home healthy comes down to keeping the air clean. Using a highly rated air cleaner will help you breathe easier and reduces stress on your sinuses.

4. Consider using environmentally safe cleaning products. Other cleaning products can release chemicals into the air of your home that can potentially hurt your immune system. Use natural disinfectants like vinegar and lemon to keep your counters clean. Also, remember to wipe down the doorknobs regularly. Any surface that is touched frequently will build germs.

5. Use plants to your advantage. Bringing plants into your home can result in fresher air, which means you’ll be able to breathe easier inside. Dragonias and ferns are great for indoor growing, and will help keep your home smelling fresh.

6. Clean your home’s air ducts. Debris, dust and other potential harmful particles can live in your air ducts and will work their way into your sinuses, which can lead to infection. Have your air ducts cleaned at least every two years. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has set guidelines that should be followed by any professional who cleans your air ducts. Contact All Weather Contract Contractors for more information about air duct cleaning.

7.  Use allergy covers. During the winter, a bad case of allergies can quickly turn into a cold. Prevent dust mites from settling in your home by using allergy covers on your pillows and mattresses. Remember to wash these regularly, too, so to keep skin flakes and debris at a minimum.

8. Use ceiling fans. Using a fan will help keep air circulation constant and will help keep your home fresh. Opening the windows when it is a reasonable temperature outside will also help keep the air fresh and will prevent your home from getting to dry.  For an added boost during the colder months turn your fan on reverse to help keep the air fresh while helping the room stay warm.

9. Replace your pillows. A lot of people hold onto their pillows for decades, but this isn’t wise. Every year or two it is a good time to replace your pillow, as it will continue to accumulate dust and debris that can obscure your breathing.

10. Change the air filter. Last but certainly not least, make sure that you are changing the air filters in your home regularly to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. Most filters require replacement every 60 to 90 days.