In Like a Lion: Seasonal Woes and your Home

Seasonal-WoesIt is a nursery rhyme that many children learn before they even know how to read; a poetic way to learn about the months of the year and the seasons that change right before our eyes. We know that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, only to be followed by the April showers that bring May flowers. Proverbs like these come from generations of knowledge passed down, from parent to child in an attempt to teach our youth what it means to live and rely on your land and your home. Be prepared for the worst, and know that spring will come.

Well, 2015 is putting this age-old nursery rhyme to its absolute limit. The spring equinox is the 20th of March, and this year, as North Florida welcomed in mild sunshine amidst clouds of fog, northern states faced yet another snow storm from this harsh winter season. March came in like a pride of lions, but the lambs have yet to appear as the weather continues to make sharp turns and we are faced with hot afternoons followed by icy mornings.

Yet this weather pattern won’t last all year. Before we know it the summer months will be hot on our heels, and with that comes the many precautions all Floridians must make for the hurricane season. Knowing what’s ahead and following the seasons—this can help you prepare your home for what is to come, something that helps to keep you and your family safe.

This past winter season was considered one of the harshest in recent history. Across the country crops are being reported as damaged, waste control is backed up and wildlife is being found dead as a result of starvation from seasonal limitations on their food supply. The old proverb of March coming in like a lion has never been truer. The question is when will the lamb arrive? According to the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac, we are going to continue to see regular showers through the middle of May, with stretches of sunny skies in between. Constant changes in weather patterns can be a huge burden on your HVAC system, especially if you continue to shut down your AC to open your windows on the milder spring evenings.

There are several things that you may want to do to protect your home during the seasonal weather changes, such as:

  • Leave your AC on, but set it at a higher temperature. This way the central AC system isn’t being put under stress by turning on and off. It can monitor the temperature of the room itself. Keeping the AC around 78 degrees helps control AC efficiency, as well as ensures that your room is always comfortable.
  • Take advantage of sunny days to make improvements on your roof. Clear away debris from the gutters and make sure that all shingles are in place before the summer storm season begins.
  • Check sealing and insulation, especially around the perimeter of the home and your windows. All of the wind and rain of the spring can really do a number on your home, and if there is any potential for a leak you’ll want to address it before there is an issue. Water buildup can lead to mold in the home if not addressed.

The reason nursery rhymes like the seasonal poems became popular is because they remind us of what to expect as the year moves by. Use the seasons as a cue to make the necessary updates to your own home. Preventative action is always better than a disaster reaction. Contact All Weather Contractors for more information about the best preventative steps to take to prepare your own home for the weather ahead.