How would a Programmable Thermostat Benefit Me?

thermostatThe thermostat is the wall-mounted control that allows you to manage the temperature of your home. For years, thermostats had one basic design. They were a small circle with a difficult to read dial that would tell you approximately if your home was cooled to 70 or 75 degrees.

Thermostats have taken a big leap in just the past two decades, and now digital thermostats are pretty much the norm. However, there is another feature to thermostats that a lot of people are yet to pick up on: programming. Having a programmable thermostat in your home can help you keep better track of the temperature and save money on your energy bill.

Here is how a programmable thermostat works:

  • Set the temperature of your home by setting the thermostat at your desired temperature, exactly as you would a standard digital thermostat.
  • Program the hours that you are home most often, such as in the evening and when you wake up in the morning. At these busy or high-traffic times, especially when you are typically cooking, program the thermostat to automatically cool your home a bit extra.
  • Tell the thermostat when you are going to bed and tell it to kick up the temperature a few degrees, just enough so you are still comfortable while sleeping, but can save some money by not running the AC at max. If you want the bedroom a bit cooler, consider running a fan.
  • Program the thermostat to turn up to 80 or 82 when you are going to work. This will allow the thermostat to keep your home just cool enough to not cause any damage to furniture or create a humid sauna, but you won’t be cooling down an empty home while you are at work all day.

While it is possible to make the changes to your thermostat like this with just a digital thermostat, it isn’t always efficient or easy. A digital thermostat will work automatically. This means that rather than wake up or get home to a hot house, you can program your thermostat so your AC kicks on 20 minutes earlier, meaning that you get enhanced comfort without any extra cost.

If you are looking to have a programmable thermostat installed in your home, contact All Weather Contactors for more information.