How Do I Properly Control Humidity In My Southern Home?

humidityThe use of an ERV or HRV can help keep the air in your home fresh so that you and your family are comfortable. An ERV or HRV can also help control humidity levels during the cooler months.

The air in your home creates its very own ecosystem in which you live. The temperature, the air quality, the freshness and the humidity all work together to create an atmosphere that you describe as comfortable. When any one of these elements is anything less than ideal, comfort is sacrificed.

Humidity is a complicated topic. While you may spend more time thinking about the temperature in your home than you do the level of moisture, you may benefit from thinking more about the effect humidity is having on your household.

Too little humidity will often lead to health complications, such as dry nose, dry throat and headaches; but too much humidity can absolutely wreak havoc in your home. When there is too much humidity you are turning your home into a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Florida is famous for its humidity, and so this is something that you’ll have to think about.  Maintaining the ideal humidity level in your home could require using a dedicated dehumidifier, which will help remove humidity from your home and help you manage the level of moisture in the air in your home. Other appliances such as an ERV or variable speed air conditioning system will also aid in humidity control. The level of humidity control and the proper application of each type of equipment will be recommended by an HVAC professional after reviewing your homes particular needs.

Understanding Humidity

Your home’s humidity level changes just like the seasons of the year. In the winter the air gets dry, which means that humidity levels are low. However, in Florida the winters are short and the summer heat lingers long throughout the year, and that means that humidity can be at its peak for months at a time.

The best way to control the level of humidity in your home is to take advantage of modern technology and use a quality air control system, including HRVs and ERVs which are designed to control the air quality in the home and expel stale and polluted indoor air by replacing it with fresh air from the outdoors. Carrier HRVs and ERVs have built in humidifiers to keep the air quality in your home at the ideal level. This does more than create a healthy indoor environment for you and your family. It creates an ecosystem of peak efficiency for your home, which helps to cut down on energy costs and lengthen the life of your HVAC system. ERV and HRV systems maintain higher energy efficiency by taking advantage of heat and energy found naturally in the outdoor air and sending into the home to keep your household fresh. Your All Weather Contractors professional can determine the best HVAC system for your home and find an ERV or HRV system that will meet your household needs.

Call All Weather Contractors to have a professional come to your home and discuss which methods best suit your particular situation, which might include a variable speed air handler with humidity controls, a central dehumidifier and/or ERV.

So what is the ideal level of humidity in your home? It’s recommend by HVAC professionals that your home maintains a humidity level between 30% and 60%. If you aren’t sure how your home lives up to this test, then call All Weather Contractors and have a complete a home analysis performed. Having your HVAC systems annual preventative maintenance performed can help your home maintain proper humidity levels, too. An improperly cleaned and charged AC system leads to poor energy efficiency and improper dehumidification.