How can I reduce my energy costs in winter?

tips-save-energyLiving in Florida for too long can spoil you to the realities of a harsh winter. In Jacksonville, the lows aren’t nearly as low as they get in the Northern states, or even in Georgia, but that doesn’t change the fact that as the temperature drops, you are likely to start feeling cold.

Many Florida families are guilty of turning to the heater as soon as the temperature starts to drop below 60 degrees. While this can help keep your home cozy in the cold winter months, it doesn’t do much for your electric bill. The winter is a great time to save money on electricity by turning off the AC and opening the windows, but if you are already starting to get cold, then you can easily loose those savings by throwing them into your heating costs.

There are ways to save money throughout the winter without being cold additional resources. Here are a few money-saving heating tips that you can try in your home:

  • Cover the floors. Tile floors are the first to grow cold, and this can spread the feeling of coldness throughout the home. Not to mention, walking on cold tile with bare feet can actually cause a great deal of foot pain. Throw extra rugs down on the floor this time of year, and if you are going to walk on the tile make sure you are wearing socks or slippers.
  • Raise the temperature slowly. Turning the heat on max in one move is never a good idea. This forces your HVAC to work at its maximum power, meaning maximum energy output. Instead, if you are going to use the heat, use it to raise the temperature just a few degrees at a time. Once the house adjusts to a steady temperature, raise it again by just a few degrees. You can steadily increase the temperature of your heater without having it work nearly as hard.
  • Use a space heater. Chances are that you don’t actually need to heat up your entire home in the way that you need to cool down your entire home in the summer. When you are purely looking for comfort while you are relaxing on the couch or working at your desk, use a space heater. This will greatly cut down on energy costs by limiting the area you are heating to just around your body.

It can be uncomfortable trying to adjust to the cold, and the desire to save money this time of year is no reason to leave yourself sick or unhappy in the cold weather. Find ways to wisely stay warm by being efficient with your heating tactics. If you realize that you need help getting your home up to a comfortable temperature, contact All Weather Contractors for a HVAC inspection and repair.