Homemade Air Fresheners

Homemade-Air-FreshenersThere is nothing like getting home after a long day. After spending eight hours at the office and another hour in traffic, you get home, open the door and take a deep breath. With that inhale, what do you get? For some, that first breath is pure relief and the scent of freedom and enjoyment. For others, that first long whiff is something they would like to forget. When your home smells, you’ll be reminded of it day after day.  Luckily, there are things you can do to turn the most stale and foul-smelling home into someplace you’d want to take a long, deep breath and relax.

When it comes to what is making your home smell, there are a few potential culprits. The most common reason is the buildup of bacteria and toxins in your home. Pet odors and food spills seep into our furniture and carpet, and if you aren’t careful to fully remove the smelliness before it settles in for good, then you could have to suffer through the stench for some time to come. In other situations, the smell is actually coming from your air vent. If a small animal or other bacteria source has climbed into your air vents, then you’ll need to call a professional with All Weather Contractors to have your entire HVAC system serviced before that smell will subside.

Of course, sometimes, the smell is subtle enough so that little fixes can make a big difference. When that is the case, there are things you can do using basic household items to make your home smell great.

Here are a few items you already have laying around your home, but we bet you didn’t realize they could help your house smell great, too:

  • Charcoal: Take a few pieces of charcoal, like the type you have stored in the garage from your last summer barbeque. Place the charcoal in an open bag or bowl and set it on your desk. The charcoal will help absorb unwanted smells and freshen the room.
  • Boil lemon: Create an air freshener for your home by boiling a pot of water with pieces of lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. The steam from the boiling water will help to infuse your home with the potent smell of these favorite flavors.
  • Essential oil room spray: If you have any essential oils or old perfumes in your home, consider combining them with other ingredients to create a room spray. Essential oils can be diluted with water. Add herbs and fruit to the mixture to infuse the oils with the scents of these great-smelling food items.

You don’t have to bake a cake to get your home smelling sweet. The above tips and tricks can help you breathe easy from the moment you walk in the door. If you are having trouble with  lingering scents in your home, try swapping out your air-filter, too.