Heating Maintenance Checklist

heating-maintenance-checklistIt might seem like it has just begun, but 2014 is coming to an end. The end of any year comes with a lot of meaning. There are the holidays to think about, holiday gatherings to plan and of course, colder weather to prepare for. Luckily for us, here in Florida, the winter isn’t too harsh of a season. Yet, this is often why so many people in the Jacksonville area seem to be caught off guard and are often times unprepared.

When the heater is only needed a couple of times a year, it likely isn’t getting much of your attention. But even sitting there unused your heater can be exposed to environmental damage and wear and tear that can cause the heating system to potentially fail. When the weather does drop, you could be caught without the means to keep yourself and your home warm.

This is why All Weather Contractors wants you to take the time now to have a preventative maintenance check done on your HVAC system. November marks the beginning of the winter months for most of the U.S., but for us that means there’s a chance that there will be a few more weeks until the first real cold snap moves over the First Coast. We want to encourage you to use this time wisely! Make the slight chill in the air your reminder to have a long look at your heating system.

Here is a helpful checklist to make sure that your heating system is being properly maintained:

  • Double check your thermostat settings to ensure that they are just as you want them, making it possible for you to stay warm when you are home without heating an empty house while you are at work all day.
  • Use a lubricant and treat all moving parts of the heating system to ensure that everything is able to run smoothly.
  • Check the condensation bin, or drain, underneath the HVAC system and make sure that there is a proper level of moisture present. If there is a leak it might overfill. Empty out any excess water and bring the leak to the attention of a professional.

If your heating system isn’t working, you could be in for a chilling surprise. Take the time now to make sure that everything is in order for the cold months that lay ahead.