Green Speed: The Very Best in Home Efficiency

green-speedTaking care of a home is no small feat. Your home is your castle, and in many ways that makes it your own kingdom—a kingdom that is all yours to manage. There are family concerns, meals to prepare, a yard to tend to and last but certainly not least there are the many appliances that keep your home comfortable and working for you. When any part of this puzzle starts to fall apart, it is up to you to make sure that you are putting it back together.

In Florida, a high-functioning air conditioning system is an absolute must have for a comfortable home. It just isn’t possible to live in the Florida heat without managing the temperature of your home. But like anything else in life, simply using the AC is never as easy as it looks. When you own your own home, using the AC system means owning a functional HVAC unit, taking care of a compressor and using the right amount of energy to keep your home cool without breaking apart your wallet at the end of the month.

Prior to the invention of the air conditioner, much of Florida was uninhabited—and for good reason. The bottom line is that Florida’s humid and hot weather isn’t comfortable for most of us to live in. But the air conditioner was a game changer. It made the home whatever temperature felt great for you. The thing was: it came at a cost. Running an AC system is pricey. Keeping the home cool day in and day out most definitely adds up, and as the cost of energy has increased over the years it has only gotten more expensive to use your AC unit.

Rather than sitting in the heat, the answer is to switch to an energy efficient model that is capable of conditioning and purifying the air without running up your energy bill.

It was Willis Carrier who invented the air conditioning system more than 100 years ago, and so it is not really a surprise that more than a century later, it is his name who is continuing to be a pioneer in the air conditioning field. Carrier systems are rated top for efficiency and productivity, meaning that they will deliver the greatest result with the lowest running costs.

So what does it mean to have “Green Speed?” It means using the most environmentally friendly refrigerant, drawing on the lowest amount of energy from your home and creating an item that is holistically environmentally conscious and friendly. Air conditioning is a necessity in Florida, but wasting energy is not. The most energy efficient air conditioners on the market are also the latest, fastest and most powerful. Switching to a high efficiency air conditioner can mean faster comfort at a cost that isn’t so harsh on your wallet.

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