Energy Recovery: What it is, and why you need it

ERVOne of the biggest benefits of living in Florida is that it doesn’t ever really get too cold. Of course, living in North Florida means that the temperature will occasionally drop. So, while winter doesn’t mean you should get the shovels ready to plow out the driveway in case of a blizzard, it does mean that you should think about ways that you’ll stay comfortable  in your home.  With the constant ups and downs in temperature in North Florida in the winter, part of staying comfy isn’t so much staying warm, as it is taking control over the humidity.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (or ERV for short) is the ideal solution for keeping your home warm without having to invest in the unnecessary heating solutions that are so helpful farther north. ERVs are recommended for warmer climates where there is a lot of humidity in the air, and so along with keeping your home at an ideal temperature, it helps to ensure that the air you are breathing in your home is fresh and free of humidity that would make you uncomfortable while indoors.

ERVS conduct a simple heat exchange in your home. As incoming air enters the ERV system it is tempered and converted to humidity-balanced fresh air before being directed into your living space. Simultaneously, air is being collected inside of your home and is being pushed out. This prevents the air in your home from becoming stale.

An ERV is the answer to ventilation issues in North Florida. These are very different from standard dehumidifiers which focus on removing humidity from a single room. BROAN ERVs are designed to be permanently installed for whole-house ventilation and humidity control, maintaining constant in-home air needs by adjusting ventilation for purposes of square footage and weather.

The ERV system reclaims energy that is already in your home, helping to keep your home naturally warmer in the cooler seasons and cool in the warmer seasons by managing how much warm air is trapped and removed from the home through ventilation. A top of the line ERV will capture up to 70 percent of the energy that is expended by the air entering your home and puts it to work for you, helping to keep your home a more stable and comfortable temperature.

Energy Recovery Ventilators are a great addition to the North Florida home. They are simple in function and work for you, helping to maintain energy costs year round and reducing the stress put on your HVAC system. For more information about installation, contact All Weather Contractors for professional service.