Different products that can help maximize your home air quality

ac-productsThere is nothing like taking in a long, soothing breath of fresh air. When most people think of taking in a deep breath of fresh air, usually one thinks of being somewhere away from all of civilization—on the top of a mountain, an empty beach, or in the middle of a tree-laden forest.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if the freshest air you could breathe was coming from the vents in your own home? The place where you go to get away from it all and relax should also be the place where you go to feel refreshed—and this includes having the freshest air possible.

Keeping up with regular maintenance for your HVAC will make a big difference in your indoor air quality. Changing your air filters at least once every 90 days and cleaning your air ducts every few years can help not only the airflow but also quality of air in your home immensely. There are products that you can use to make your home just as inviting and refreshing as any serene natural space.

Here are a couple products that can enhance home air quality:

Air Purifiers: Dust, pet dander, carpet fibers and almost anything can be floating around in your home’s air significantly decreasing your indoor air quality. Air purifiers not only filter the air inside your home but they capture and kill airborne pathogens such as mold, viruses and bacteria.
UV Lamps: Mold and bacteria thrive in moist environments. Your air conditioner or indoor coils are the perfect place for these unhealthy pollutants to grow. UV Lamps zap the pollutants so that they won’t circulate through your family’s home. Their silent operation can do wonders for your airflow and enhance your indoor air quality.
Air Cleaners: Bacteria, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants as small as 0.01 microns are effectively removed with an air cleaner or air filtration system.

Indoor air quality is too important of an issue to be ignored. Other indoor air quality products include ventilators, carbon monoxide alarms, and humidifiers. Contact All Weather Contractors to see which product is the best fit for you and your home’s needs.

You can also improve the indoor air quality in your home by making a few simple adjustments. If there is anyone who smokes in your household, have them take the habit outside. Also, get the dishes out of the sink and remove all open food sources from the kitchen counter.

There are so many products designed to increase your home’s indoor air quality so why not take advantage of them? Contact a professional with All Weather Contractors to install an indoor air quality product today.