Common Misconceptions: Understanding Diagnostic Charges

diagnose-acDiagnostic charges are one of the biggest areas of misconceptions in the HVAC industry. This is the fee that is paid following a consultation or before a service call when no repairs have been made. It is called a diagnostic fee because it is the charge for the service of diagnosing the problem. There is good reason why this fee exists.

When you go to the doctor for an initial check-up, the doctor doesn’t wave the service fee because you didn’t have surgery that day. Just like a car mechanic charges for an inspection. The reason you are willing to pay for these services is because you are looking for an expert opinion on something that is important to you, such as your health or your vehicle. Well, diagnostic charges cover the same service for your HVAC system.

If you’ve ever taken a long look at your heating and cooling system, then you already know that it is a complicated piece of machinery. This isn’t a standard window unit that you can poke around at until it works again. HVACs are large, they are complex, and you can cause a lot of damage if you mess around with them trying to “fix” something without knowing how to fix it. Finding out what is wrong with an HVAC system takes an expert eye—and even then it takes time. The diagnostic charge covers this time and professional opinion. The technician will almost certainly have to take part of the HVAC system apart and have an inside look at what the problem might be. There is a troubleshooting process that our service technicians are trained to go through, and it takes time, energy, knowledge and those are some resources that we provide.

Our goal during a diagnostic visit is to determine the problem and find the easiest, most inexpensive solution to get your HVAC system working well again. web services The diagnostic charge covers that process. After all, that is what is most important to us: we want to ensure that your HVAC system is up and running and keeping your entire home comfortable as quickly and as long as possible.

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