The Benefits of Having an HVAC Unit

ac-unitIt doesn’t matter what time of the year it is in Florida: air conditioning is a must. Even if the weather dips low enough to turn the air conditioning up a bit and to open up the windows, it will only be a few days before you will need it again. This can put a huge burden on your HVAC unit, which is why keeping up with maintenance and regular repairs on your HVAC system is so important. With all of the upkeep required, some start to question whether having a HVAC system is really a big deal, it is!

Your HVAC system may be supporting your household and your family in more ways than you currently realize. Here are a few unsung benefits of having an HVAC unit in your household:

• In Florida, a house is not considered habitable unless there is an HVAC system functioning inside. The reason for this goes far beyond physical comfort levels. Your HVAC unit actually helps mediate the structural integrity of your home and creates an indoor climate that makes it possible for your home to stay free of mildew and moisture that could lead to damage to your walls, ceilings and furniture.

• The HVAC system promotes body temperature control for those who are more susceptible to overheating or growing cold. This includes for the elderly, the ill, and babies, who can’t control their internal temperatures as well as adults. Having a programmable thermostat is especially helpful in managing the precise temperature of your home at different points of the day.

Having an HVAC unit is actually necessary for the management of medical conditions like emphysema asthma. This is due to the filters that are an integral component of HVAC systems. These HVAC filters can trap toxins like mold, fungus, dust particles, pollen and other micro fragments, thereby making it easier to breathe inside your home.

Having an HVAC unit is essential for comfort in Florida, but the reasons for having an HVAC unit go far beyond that. A quality HVAC system can also help reduce your risk of struggling with allergies and the common cold by constantly moving the air around in your house, giving you a fresh breath constantly as you enjoy the temperate climate of your household.

Of course, having an HVAC system is only beneficial if it is in tip-top shape. For consultation about service, repair or installation of an HVAC system in your home, contact us to speak with an experienced member of our team at All Weather Contractors.