Back to school back to cool. Are you ready for the changes?

back-to-schoolIt might seem like summer just started, but it is back to school time already. This is a pretty stressful time of the year for just about everyone affected. As teachers scramble to get their things together, parents are running around looking for supplies and lunches. And the kids? The ones who aren’t hiding under the bed in hopes of sneaking by unnoticed are gearing up for homework, sport teams, after school clubs and everything else that comes with this time of year.

However, you and the kids aren’t the only ones to be bothered by back to school time. If you aren’t careful, your home and energy costs could take a huge hit, too!

Here are ten things you can do around your house to get everyone ready for back to school:

  1. Use a programmable thermostat to keep your home cool when you are home and to cut down on energy use when you are not.
  2. Keep the paddle fans going all day to prevent your house from getting too warm, even without the AC going at maximum effect.
  3. Take advantage of power strips and turn them to off when you leave the house so that your electronics aren’t using phantom energy.
  4. Put up black-out curtains or solar film on your windows to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home during the day.
  5. Weather proof your doors and windows to reduce how much AC or heat leaves your house day and night.
  6. Change out all the light bulbs to LEDs. This will give your kids plenty of light to do their homework with but will cut down your energy usage.
  7. Get a programmable coffee pot and set it to turn on when your alarm goes off to cut down on time in the morning without having to leave your keurig on all night.
  8. Put a thermal jacket on your hot water heater to keep hot water hot for longer, thus reducing the amount of energy needed to heat up your water for your morning shower.
  9. Take advantage of lunch boxes! Using brown paper bags and plastic sandwich bags day after day really adds up on the budget.
  10. Upgrade to a high efficiency washer and dryer with a wrinkle-reducer function so that your clothes are fresh and ready to wear in the morning. The high efficiency washers and dryers will help cut down your energy bill, too.

As the school year gets going, don’t get caught in the moment of stress with a broken HVAC system. This can lead to hot nights and a hefty hit to your budget. Contact All Weather Contractors for help getting your appliances and energy usage up to par for a green and budget friendly household.