Are all air filters created equal?

replaceyourfilterWhen it comes to keeping the air in your home fresh you have a lot of options. However, not every air filter that you will find will offer your home the same level of protection against airborne toxins. The best air filters will help keep the air in your home clean and easy to breathe by clearing the air of dust mites, mold, tobacco smoke, pet dander and other allergens. Other air filters will do little more than pick up the stray dust and debris that comes out of your home’s AC system.

There are certain things that you’ll want to consider before making an air filter purchase. First, have a look at the filters efficiency rating. Every filter is rated along a quantitative scale that tells you how effective it is at keeping your home’s air clear of allergens and other disturbing toxins. A score greater than 350 is considered good while anything below a 100 is thought of as poor. Check the label on air filters before bringing it home and remember that the higher the number, the more effective it will be at keeping your air clean and fresh.

The best way to choose a filter for your home is to have a professional gage the level of filtration necessary for the size and layout of your property. At you can find a filter that is ideal for your home’s needs and have it shipped directly to you. provides you with a complete warehouse of filtration options. Unlike the average corner store, this website provides filter that will help to ensure the air in your home is being filtered to the best of its ability.

Even the most effective air filter won’t last forever. Investing in a top-quality air filter is wise if you hope to create a living environment that encourages easy breathing. Depending on the type and quality of air filter that you’ve purchased, you’ll need to find a replacement every 30 to 90 days. Your best bet is to take advantage of a service like, who won’t just partner you with the optimal filter for your home, but will actually set you up on a refill service and will deliver filters to your house just before your existing filter expires. That way you can enjoy fresh air year round without stressing about when or where to buy your next air filter.

So the easy answer: no—all filters are not created equal. There are top quality efficient filters that will fight just about any toxin that enters your home and then there are weaker paper filters that will take care of some of the larger pieces of dust and debris in your home’s air supply, but not all. Either way, both need to be replaced on a regular basis—with the weaker filters requiring more frequent replacements. Making the right choice in air filter starts with having the right knowledge about your home’s needs. For more help with improvements to the air quality in your home, contact AllWeather Contractors.