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Made with RELIABLE Renewable Energy

All Weather Contractors (AWC) is a group of Developers, Owners, Friends, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Operators that have a vision to bring affordable Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, & Operations (EPCmO) services to select Clients that are recognized leaders in their industries.
•Our Vision incorporates proven “off the shelf” Technology that provides a unique solution to our Client’s needs.
•We incorporate the Client’s needs into Lean EPCm their project, so the Client can quickly start generating revenue and profits.
•Our professional team starts developing a solution from the Preconstruction Phase to $ave time, money, and increase your revenue.
•Land Selection and Development.
•Reuse of the waste solids for conversion into Plant Electric Energy Generation.
•AWC can provide the financing and development, so your organization pays a utility wholesale rate based on volume of services used.

Green Marketing

•An increasing number of companies are using renewable energy in the manufacture of products and have begun to communicate renewable energy use directly on product packaging, relying either on a logo or some combination of text and imagery.
•Some companies are labeling on-product, while others are using their websites, social media, and other promotions.
•On-product labeling can include use of a logo or use of imagery and statements and note that the product is made with renewable energy.
•Providing information on the type of energy used to produce a product—specifically whether it is made with renewable energy—is an emerging strategy.

Motivations for Promoting Products as Made with Renewable Energy

•The primary motivation for developing products made with renewable energy is to directly and effectively communicate to the consumer about the company’s commitment to renewable energy and, in doing so, enhance the image of the brand.
•Companies using 100% renewable energy for their manufacturing facilities, as well as a minimum amount for their entire company, are eligible to use the Green-e Marketplace logo.
•The majority of products made with renewable energy are designed to appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer, such that being “made with renewable energy” simply adds to the image of the product, product line, or corporate brand.
•The primary motivation identified was to communicate to the consumer about the company’s commitment to renewable energy and, in doing so, enhance the image of the brand.
•Other motivations included differentiating a product, targeting environmentally conscious consumers, and to a lesser degree, following an existing industry trend and earning a price premium.

Renewable Energy and Who We Are

All Weather Contractors (AWC) offers comprehensive, professional services and products to both private-public-sectors throughout the U.S.
This includes:
•EPCmO – Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Operations
•Pre-Development & Pre-Construction Services
•Procurement and Logistics
•Quality Controls based on US Army Corps Systems
•Modular Package WWTP with State of the Art Technologies
•Energy Island - Generate Renewable Electricity for Plant Use
•Eliminate Sludge Waste Disposal
•Phosphorus Elimination Technology
•Land Selection and Development
•Utility Structured Financing for a Utility Wholesale Rate based on Volume of Services used.
•Specializing in Hybrid Systems


DISCOVERY- AWC performs a detailed energy assessments of every potential power purchase agreement in order to maximize security, flexibility, scalability, power quality, as well as use of capital funds.
OPTIMIZATION- AWC’s proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies provide co-generation, the most efficient method of energy production. Electrical energy can be produced, replacing Public Utility electricity at a lower cost with higher quality and reliability. The technology systems are “feedstock agnostic,” using a variety of cost-effective environmentally-friendly fuels at the lowest possible cost that exist locally.
POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT - On-site renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) allow companies, institutions, or government agencies to fund on-site renewable energy projects with no up-front capital costs incurred. With a PPA, AWC installs a renewable energy system on your property under an agreement that the you will purchase the power generated by the system.

Realized Savings to our Clients

CAPEX (Capital Expense)
•Replacement of Life-time costs for Controls, Boilers, Chillers, Pumps, and other Equipment
•No unexpected days down due to Weather Events
•4 hours Shut-down and 4 hours Start-up after a Weather Event(s)
Extended life of equipment
•Electric spikes from the Grid are eliminated
•Extend the life of Equipment and Computer based monitoring
•Harmonic Electric extends the life of Electrical Equipment
•Power Co-op’s maintenance costs are reduced
Guaranteed Operating Costs by Year or Multiple Years!
•Replacement of Life-time costs for Controls, Boilers, Chillers, Pumps, and other Equipment

Number One Choice – AWC is your Number One Choice for Renewable Energy. Contact us Today For More Info!